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Following a successful career in London as a commercial artist and illustrator, the dramatic scenery of Scotland lured Steve northwards. Much of his painting now results from time spent in forests, mountains and coasts capturing fleeting moments of light, or interpreting the glimpse of an elusive animal. Steve is based in rural Fife, Scotland where he paints both outside, and from his studio. He also crafts contemporary pieces with traditional techniques using greenwood taken directly from the forest, keeping his practise firmly grounded in nature. He is also a popular arts educator. Read more in the biography.

About the art & making

Paintings are completed outside in situ, or sketches and photographs form the basis of pieces concluded later in the studio. He uses mainly watercolour, oils and acrylic, though charcoal, collage or print may feature alone or in mixed media. The style is often representational with elements that are semi-abstract in nature. Originals, prints, cards and monoprints are available direct from the artist, or through galleries. Other work involves elements of weaving, carving and forest crafts. Steve also accepts commissions. View the galleries.