Following a few requests some years ago, I decided to offer a pet portrait service to clients. As these paintings proved so popular, I created a separate website – Animal Visual – and this is now another enjoyable part of my business, where I develop a client relationship throughout the process. from the start of their commission, through to them receiving the completed painting.

Using watercolour I’ll not only create an accurate likeness of your pet dog, cat or other animal, its true spirit will be captured in paint. Not just a mere copy of a photograph, but a highly-crafted unique work of art. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of receiving a genuine painting you can actually hold, and see the hand of the artist in every brushstroke – so different from the screen-based images we’re all now used to. They make excellent, original gifts and are a fabulous way to remember a cherished companion.

For all the details, have a look at my website Animal Visual and follow the instructions if you’re interested in a pet portrait – there’s no obligation to book. If you decide to go ahead:

  • Follow the steps to booking and pay the deposit.
  • On approval of the portrait, pay the balance.
  • Receive your painting and enjoy for years to come!