Artist in Residence at Rahoy Hills National Nature Reserve, Morven, Scotland  VIEW THE RAHOY BLOG

From October 2019, and throughout 2020, I will be the Artist in Residence for the exciting initiative at this unique reserve. Wild and remote, it is the most biodiverse area owned and managed by the Scottish Wildlife Trust and Ardtornish. Today’s visual appearance, whilst being stunningly engaging artistically with endless opportunities for creative expression, has been influenced by a history of modification and management by people, at times in balance with the rest of nature, but at other times this has led to exploitation, where resources have been overused nearly to the point of exhaustion, depleting the land of vital nutrients, limiting the range of species that can live there. The dedicated people who now work at the reserve are bringing this unique area back into balance for the benefits of the plants and animals that use it as their home, and for the future generations of people who will increasingly come to understand its value and may wish to visit. My role will be to support this work and to add a creative dimension to developments.