Another week tutoring at Gartmore House

I’ve had another busy week teaching watercolour painting at Gartmore House near Stirling.

A lovely bunch of folk from all corners of the country produced some fantastic work, and not everyone had really done much watercolour at all before they arrived. I’ve attached a few photos to show some of the things they accomplished. The scenery was amazing throughout the Trossachs area in Scotland, with fantastic russets, golds and reds predominating in the house grounds. We often experienced three seasons in one day – luckily not the four! – but managed a short session outside to collect bunches of leaves sporting their vibrant autumn colours, which we used in an indoor painting session where everyone produced their own arrangements for still lifes. Check out this video of me showing how to paint autumn leaves. 

We also painted various flora and fauna based on photos I’ve taken around Scotland – we even painted a bright red fish swimming at St Andrews aquarium, and a grumpy Dunfermline cat! Here’s some of their resulting work:


If you’d like to book a residential retreat with me at Gartmore House, contact them here.