NEW! My online courses hub

My new courses hub is now live. Find out more HERE I’ve moved my popular ‘Watercolour Simplicity: Primary Painting from Photographs’ course so it’s now accessed through my website. The core teaching is through nearly one and a half hours of HD video, and also includes pdfs, tracedowns and access to a flipbook of the essential techniques you can have with you on you phone or tablet. I can now interact directly with students, give feedback to uploaded work, and enter into discussions. Enrol in this updated course, and you’ll get a discount on the next one which is nearly complete.

This second course builds on the system taught in the first one, and takes you even further with watercolour painting with primary colours. I show you how to use reference photos more critically by making values studies before each of the primary paintings. There’s also information about keeping sketchbooks, and developing your drawing skills, along with simple perspective, and altering compositions for maximum effect. These are the five paintings you’ll be making in the next course – two landscapes, a marine scene and two still lifes. Find out more HERE