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ITALY PAINTING RETREAT, Hotel Leone, Montelparo

Quick update – I’m recently returned from visiting the wonderful Hotel Leone, in Montelparo, Le Marche, owned and run by Madeline and Tim, and seeing all the wonderful locations we will be going to on my retreat ‘From Sketch to Success’ 20th-27th October 2020. It really will be a stunningly beautiful area in which to join the group for painting, and the service and facilities at the hotel are truly impeccable. The hotel have taken bookings already, so get in touch and you may also get a good deal on flights. While there, I also met with artist Fiona Forbes (who’s also from Fife as it happens! – now living in Wiltshire), so we’ve teamed up to advertise each of our two retreats in our own areas aswell. Below the hotel photos, you’ll see the flyer, which it would be great if you could circulate. More updates soon!

TISO Perth Outdoor Experience Evening last night

Great to meet everyone at the outdoor lifestyle event at Tiso’s flagship equipment store in Perth last night. Many thanks to Colin and Kathryn for the opportunity, and well done to all who participated making sketches from the screen images – hope they look good on your wall! You can follow up by getting involved in one of my ‘On Location’ art experiences I’m promoting as Location Art Scotland, where we’ll be drawing and painting our glorious scenery outdoors. Maybe see you at another Tiso event soon! If you fancy using the wonderful landscape of another country as your inspiration, join my upcoming art retreat in Italy ‘From Sketch to Success’ 20th-27th October 2020, where you’ll be pampered at the fabulous Hotel Leone, Montelparo. See my previous post.

Two new June workshops at Falkland estate, Fife

WORKSHOP 1: ‘Up Close & Mono’ Creative Natures. Monday 10th June 2019 10am-3pm £35 followed by optional discussion and feedback of previous work. 

In this intensive day, we’ll spend the first short while gathering inspirational natural materials such as leaves, bark, branches and feathers near to the stables to bring back to the studio for close creative study of form, texture and tone in monochrome. Building on skills learnt in previous workshops we’ll use graphite pencil, charcoal and ink to produce finished artworks and also sketches for your further development at home. There’ll be a variety of materials on hand including drawing boards and a selection of papers, but please bring your favoured things along too, if you wish. You’ll also need a packed lunch or to buy things locally. Everyone’s encouraged to use a sketchbook regularly between these Creative Natures sessions, so by all means bring yours along if you wish to discuss your work, and be given ideas for progression over a cuppa at the end of the workshop.

WORKSHOP 2: ‘Ready, Set – Sketch!’ Creative Natures. Friday 28th June 10am-12.30pm £25

A fun and lively half day session out and about for those who’ve been on a Creative Natures charcoal sketching workshop before, and others keen to give this wonderfully expressive medium a try. We can easily get stuck and feel demotivated or overwhelmed when trying to decide on how to tackle a subject, thinking ‘Where do I start? That’s why this charcoal sketching workout workshop is the ideal antidote – you’ve no time to think! Following some energising creative warm ups to get the juices flowing, we’ll be taking short walks while travelling light, producing several sketches in between, working fast and loose. All materials supplied, but if bringing your own sketchbook, size A3 is recommended.

Just get in touch, and I’ll book you in!

Art for Beginners & Improvers Block 7-update

Class 3 update at Forgan Arts Centre! First forays into colour for some of you. We’ll be having a little look at mixing colour, a bit of theory and simple applications using flowers from life and also a small marine subject. Bring what materials you have, and there will be lots of other things on hand – so not to worry if you’re still building up your selected kit! See you there!

Forgan Arts Centre AFB&I class – week 7

Hi everyone. As discussed last week, the main subject of our class at Forgan on Wednesday 5th December will be the pub interior scene along with a revision of linear perspective. Bring your usual selection of materials – other stuff will be on hand. If you’ve any questions just ask…

Greenwood Spoon Carving at Off the Rails Arthouse

Looking forward to seeing you all at Off the Rails Arthouse for the Greenwood Spoon Carving course this Saturday 8th December at 09.30am – the kettle will be on! We’ll start off with a welcoming brew infront of the cosy fire, as we discuss the plan for the day. If you’ve any questions, just get in touch.


Outdoor Sketching at Falkland Estate today

A great morning with everyone who took part in the half day outdoor sketching session at the Centre for Stewardship, Falkland today. A beautiful and inspiring location at the orchard, where the lovely warm breeze added to the peaceful atmosphere. Some great pieces produced, especially from those not very familiar with using charcoal. Well done all!

Falkland Estate. A grand day out – and in!

Well done to all the participants for producing some really great work during the ‘Bringing the Outdoors In’ art session at the Centre for Stewardship on Wednesday. Even more inspiring as some folk hadn’t done any art at all since school! Let’s keep up the creativity!